Top level affiliate now accepts advertising, sponsored posts and tweets

As you know, I added some new links on top bar 2 days ago and as you see, from now on I’m accepting advertising, sponsored tweets and posts on my blog. bar  

  • Sponsored tweets

Since many people have paid me in past to tweet for them, I decided to put this as a service on my blog. I have over 3600 followers and increasing every day. Also tweets will be shown on my blog so my blog visitors also will see them. [Find out more about sponsored tweets here]  

  • Sponsored posts

First sponsored post I’ve had on this blog was about 20 days ago and since then, I received another request due to high results that my sponsor has been getting. So I decided to make this a service on my blog so everyone knows that they can post on my blog. [Find out more about sponsored posts]  

  • Advertising

For now, I’m offering 5 positions on my blog, 2 on the main page which are visible on any page and 3 on posts only. All banner ads are 250×250 and can be animated but no flash. [find out more about advertising]  

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