What it takes to create an online business that will pay your bills?

ONLINE BUS If you are reading this article, probably you are interested in internet marketing or you’ve been working online to create an online income. I don’t have anything to promote or sell here or I’m not trying to show you some mysterious way to make money online. I want to answer some real questions, based on my experience in internet and affiliate marketing.

+ This is a Real Business

First you need to understand the most important aspect of online marketing and that is taking it serious and doing it for real. I’ve talked about making money online with many people and 99% of them laughed at my face and said I live in dream because they always believed that the only way to make money in your life is to go to college, get a degree, work for someone in some company and make some money for the rest of your life. I had bigger expectations from myself and that’s why I dropped out of college for online marketing and then became successful. I’m not trying to say that you should stop going to school if you are, but what I’m saying is to take it real and serious not like a side job or something for fun or extra income.  

+ Know Scams

You need to be a pro about this. I’ve talked about scams a lot in my blog and also I’ve had some good articles on Danny Darwin’s blog. Don’t be so easy in internet. This is the first step of being an affiliate. Be smart. Don’t fall for quick money making scams and good looking houses and cars which are the most common ways of scamming. Also don’t trust to reviews around internet because 99% of them are affiliates and they are just trying to sell you.  

+ Start building a list NOW if you don’t have any

In one of my past articles about “Worst Affiliate Marketing Mistakes” I called this the worst mistake of all time for any affiliate marketer. This is what transfers an affiliate to a super affiliate or what transfers 2,000 a month to 20,000 a month. Not having a list can be your worst disadvantage. I mentioned before that you need to take this business serious. In order to take it serious, you need to start building a customer base like a local coffee shop. Start giving them free stuff and make them more connected to yourself so they trust you and buy most of the products that you promote to them. Many people say that building a list takes time, energy and money. I remember when I created my list, I got only 18 people for whole year! This is an awful number but I did not stop there and that was the reason that right now I have a subscriber base of 10,000 people. So remember, today is not late for building a list.  

+ Start your personal blog NOW

I don’t call this a requirement but I always suggest it to people. Having a blog gives you an independent voice in internet which you can write anything you want. It’s like a personal space for you. You don’t have to write about related subjects to your niche. I always suggest posting some personal post so people know you better. If you don’t have the technical knowledge of creating a blog, you can read this article about choosing a web hosting and then this article about setting up your WordPress blog on your server. They might look complicated but they are very easy and simple to understand and once you do it for first time, you will be doing it by yourself after that.  

+ Help people; make trust and a great relationship with your visitors

Always remember this: “Content is king“. You need to write articles that help people to solve a problem. Write for people not for SEO. This is actually how your blog or article will rank high in Google. Be helpful not spammy. Try to help people and make a very close and warm relationship with your visitors.  

+ Increase your knowledge using free E-books

Beside all of these, I can promote you some good free E-books which can be useful to your internet career. I have an E-book about making money from blogging which is written by me and Danny Darwin. Also this is another E-book about Video SEO which is very useful if you are interested in making money from YouTube or basically internet marketing.  

+ Make YouTube videos

One of the best ways to engage more people to your blog or work is making YouTube videos. Find a problem about a specific thing in your niche and make a video about it, solve it and show it how people need to do it and put your website address in the description so people can visit your site or subscribe to your list. This can be every engaging over time and you will have tons of visitors in a very short time. Make sure you know how to rank your videos high in YouTube using this free E-book.  

+ Be patient

At the end be patient and wait. Making money online takes time and anyone who tells you they can do it fast is lying. It takes time, you need to know it good, do it good and right using a right system and method. It takes time but results are amazing!

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