why having a mobile friendly site is important

Since smartphone technology introduced to world, almost everything was changed. From software and programming to web design and marketing, were all effected by this revolution. One of the biggest changes that smartphones made to web was the perspective of website design. At this time, having a website that is compatible with mobile browsers is a must, not a need. More people every day do more and more on their phone and as you can imagine; this affects every internet bases business, specially the internet marketing. mobile friendly site is importnant At this time I can say this with confidence that at least %30 of my blog visitors are browsing my blog from their smartphone and that’s why I have to make sure every page that hey visit is mobile compatible. From the process of opting into my list and downloading my eBook to opening it and purchasing every product that I promote which is mostly MTTB, everything is mobile friendly. importance of having a mobile friendly site To close this article, I want to say being compatible with smartphones is a must because every single day, more people are moving away from their computer screens and using their mobile devices and that’s why it’s important to be ready for these changes. This is the future of marketing and every good internet marketer and affiliate needs to make sure to update themselves with new changes because if they don’t, they won’t be able to keep up for a long time on internet marketing.  

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