Quick Strategy: How to Make Clickbank Sales Quickly 

 June 12, 2020

By  Top Level Affiliate

Recently, a great blog post about clickbank affiliate marketing was published on the Aversity blog which made me write this quick strategy about the most effective way to make money on Clickbank this year and in the next years!

The post was a great and detailed post about Clickbank which I really enjoyed. Here’s a quick summary:

In order to get Clickbank sales, you’ll need to simply create your own very product first, then sell it and use the customers you generate to earn Clickbank commissions.

Step 1 is to create an upfront product and sell it for $5 to $9.

You can use PLRs (Private Lable Rights) products to setup products in minutes without having to create them from scratch. You can purchase affordable and high-quality PLRs from Aevrsity’s PLR market or simply search “buy PLR” on Google to find ready to deploy products.

Step 2 is to generate the pages (sales and order form pages)

You can use a tool like Clickfunnel or create a stand-alone WP site and use a plugin like Thrive Architect to create great-looking pages on your WP site and start selling products as quickly as possible.

Step 3 is to design a funnel that will encourage your customers to buy a Clickbank product

This is where you need to be very clever. Usually, the best way as explained in the original article on the Aversity’s website is to build a relationship first by sending emails containing bonuses and valuable content.

Then, start mentioning the product you’re about to sell them but don’t give them a link, to just get them excited about the product, and finally after a while, you can provide a link within the followup email and send them to your Clickbank affiliate link to generate sales.

Top Level Affiliate

About 2 years ago, I made my first sale as an affiliate online. I decided to start the Top Level Affiliate website to help other people in need to find the right programs, systems, and training to become successful in affiliate marketing and have a better and happier life!

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