What you need to do when you hit an income peak

*Happy new theme 😉 It happens a lot in every internet marketer’s life. Those times when we hit a new peak in  daily revenue. Its exciting, isn’t it? In this post, I want to teach you, what you need to do when you get to these peaks. ConvertDailySalesLarge   Revenue peaks are usually good signs but sometimes they could be a bad sign which if yo catch them at the right time, you can stop the downfall. In this blog post I will teach you what you need to do when you get to an income peak, how to detect its a good or bad sign and how you can use the facts to your advantage. 1. Start Tracking I talked about tracking before, but here is a bit different. You need to understand that you need to track “every link” and “every stat” of your site. From where users come from to where users go, how long they stay on a page and where they click next. When you are checking your stats on those high revenue days, you need to know: where are most of the clicks are coming from. Knowing where you get most of the traffic helps you to understand where you need to focus mostly.   2. Is it a bad or good sign Understanding how good or bad an income peak is, you need to go back to  tracking. Depend on your business, there are different ways to understand this, but in this case I will explain this about a simple affiliate marketing business. First one is SEO. If you are having a SEO peak, meaning you are getting lots of traffic and sales from search engines, its highly likely that you are going to have a downfall. That’s why in my future free internet marketing course, I will explain why you should not build your online business just based on SEO. SEO is important but it is not a permanent solution. You will need an email list to keep up your online business and increase your income. Second way to find out you are going to have a downfall or not is your conversion rate. Mathematically, you need to compare your last peak conversion rate to this peak conversion rate. If you are having a higher conversion rate, it could be a good sign but it is not a 100% right statement. For example my last peak of daily sales was may 1st. I made about $7,234 which was my highest day ever and conversion rate was %18. I hit another peak in may 17th which I made $8,319 in commissions with a conversion rate of %14. After may 17th I only had decreases in y daily revenue.