December Link Roundup – How leaders spend their time and 5 others

Finally, my second  link roundup is out! Since the first one, I was planning to have way more but working on projects took all of my time away, so here we are. Link Roundups are basically articles, videos or anything that I find interesting within a month from different websites and sources. Remember, if you have an interesting link, contact me and let me know, so I can share your link in these roundups. All right, so here are this month’s links:  

2014-12-06_211842 This is a great infographic about how leaders and successful business men spend and manage their time over day. If you are a serious internet marketer, you must see it.  

This link was sent by Matt from 2014-12-06_212707 In this article, you will see 11 real amazon affiliate success stories which are very inspiring and will keep you motivated on your online business. This is a must see.  

I’m a big fan of Fiverr’s Blog! I read their blog frequently and also posted a link from their blog in my first link roundup. This article is about some plugins that everyone should have on their WordPress blog. 8469030267_a4d862560b_k Take a look at these plugins and if you don’t have them already on your blog, install them now!  

Google sniper 3.0’s launch is close and I’m getting ready to win the top affiliate’s prize! That’s why I made this Google sniper video to rank it high on Google. In this video I show everything there is to know about Google sniper 3.0 and also I’m giving a great $1,255 Google sniper bonus.  

This is a very incredible formula from a friend of mine Danny. He has done many high converting posts on my blog which made me great deal of money. 2014-12-06_211723 If you are in copy writing business or trying to write something that actually sales, this is your chance to get the ultimate video sales letter formula.  

One of the people that I follow closely in this industry is Jeff Walker. If you don’t know him, Jeff walker is founder of Product Launch Formula and one of the greatest teachers that I’ve ever had. In his latest video, he talks about The Discipline of Gratitude and how important it is to appreciate what you have in your life. Watch this amazing video from him: