Skyscraper Articles Are The Key to Aversity Blog’s Success 

 August 16, 2019

By  Top Level Affiliate

About 4 months ago, I made one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. I decided to change the Aversity blog’s article strategy from daily articles to weekly.

Instead of posting an average quality article every day with 700+ words, we decided to publish an article once a week, but make this article as detailed as possible. This new strategy led to articles like the 2019’s top Clickbank products which became our top-performing article in less than 2 weeks.

To this day, Aversity has gone from 500 daily unique visitors from organic search traffic to up to 10,000 a day, bringing over $7,000 in revenue every single day, free of any paid ads. Since this publishing model has worked for us, I wanted to publish this short piece on here to share some of the things I learned with this method, so hopefully, my fellow marketers can use these SEO strategies to get more traffic and earn more money.

Lesson #1: It’s all about the bounce rate

The article you’re going to write needs to be as detailed as possible, like an eBook! Writing something like that will take time and effort but remember that rewards will be enormous. Be patient, research and write an article that will truly help someone, like a roadmap. I personally have bookmarked dozens of skyscraper articles and go back to them from time to time, simply because they are detailed and provide huge value!

Your article needs to keep people on-page as long as possible. Make it interesting, in short pieces, use videos, charts, and images to catch their attention on every step while they’re scrolling down.

Lesson #2: encourage comments!

This is a matter that Google doesn’t like to admit but comments play a MAJOR role in a page’s search engine rankings. Comments will add more “words” to the page, which will look like an update. This will force Google to cache the page again and again which will keep the page fresh in search engines.

Comments will also add more content and keywords to your article since most of the comments will be related to the existing article or subject, repeating the same keywords over and over.

Lesson #3: be social!

Your blog shouldn’t be just a blog, you need to create a YouTube channel, a Twitter account and a Facebook page for it. This will show Google that you’re more serious about your content and sharing your blog post will allow you to get more exposure from social networks.

Top Level Affiliate

Sean Bagheri, 23 years old. Business, finance and marketing has been my passion since I was a teenager. I publish business related articles on Top Level Affiliate and many other business websites once a week in order to promote businesses I find helpful.

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