How Do I Find Good Clickbank Products to Promote? 

 August 19, 2019

By  Top Level Affiliate

Recently, I published an article on the Aversity blog where I listed my top 15 Clickbank products to promote this year. In that article, many people asked about my method for finding good Clickbank products so I wanted to publish this short posts about 3 things that I look for when I do product research on Clickbank.

#1: A Video Sales Page

Video sales pages are a must in this day and age. You could pass if this was 5 years ago, but nowadays, a video sales page is a must. Products with video sales pages convert better and have a much higher engagement rate.

Pro tip: products with a video sales page alone have lower conversion rates than products with hybrid sales pages (video and text)!

#2: Affiliate Tools

Affiliate tools provided by the vendor are another important indicator of a good product. Product owners understand their own products best and the tools and resources provided by them is always the most valuable content you can get.

Also, a great affiliate section with good tools shows how serious the product creator is about their business and product, which is a major quality indicator. A good example is Aversity’s high ticket affiliate program, where you get dozens of in-house tools, resources, and training to promote their products.

#3: Free Review Access

Review access is another major quality indicator. As an affiliate, you must know and see what’s inside the product you’re trying to sell and the best way to do so is by having access to its content. Product owners will give you a review access if you can prove that you will be a good affiliate and by that, I mean you have a customer base and will drive good traffic and sales.

If you can’t get free review access, the next best option is to buy the product with your own affiliate link to get some of your money back!

Top Level Affiliate

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