How to Become a Bitcoin Millionaire by Following News! 

 August 20, 2019

By  Top Level Affiliate

The cryptocurrency market is making new millionaires every day and if you know some of these basics, you can be the next crypto millionaire in less than a year!

Here’s a short guide on how I make money using cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin by just following the news!

When it comes to Bitcoin, there’s always a low and high. Sometimes, an event or specific official drives the Bitcoin price up or down and if you’re fast enough, you can use this to make money for yourself.

The bitcoin market is small compared to stocks or real-life currencies, which makes it vulnerable and volatile. You can use this trend to make your own fortune, by just following the financial news and waiting for the right moment to buy and sell…

and more importantly, by not being greedy.

For example, recently the president and some other officials starting to pressure Bitcoin and wanted to implement some new laws to avoid illegal use of Bitcoin and that made the Bitcoin price take a massive dive, from 12k to 9k in a single day.

When that happened, I waited for the price to stabilize and when it did, I bought almost 50k worth of Bitcoin in a day.

In less than 2 days, the price went up to 11k when I sold my Bitcoins and exited the market with almost $10,000 in profit. That’s the power of working the trend, something that you’ll learn inside Sean Bagheri’s Never Losing Crypto Formula course.

Anyway, watch out for news, and use the trends before they happen! It’s easy to make money in the crypto market, all you need is some capital, courage and the right training course!

Top Level Affiliate

About 2 years ago, I made my first sale as an affiliate online. I decided to start the Top Level Affiliate website to help other people in need to find the right programs, systems, and training to become successful in affiliate marketing and have a better and happier life!

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