Aversity Gold Masterclass Review (Exposed!) – In Depth Review & REAL Results

Aversity Gold Masterclass is an online business training/system but does it worth it? I bought it recently and here are my results, experience and review. … Read More >Aversity Gold Masterclass Review (Exposed!) – In Depth Review & REAL Results

Updated on May 31st, 2020 with the latest results and opinions about Aversity Gold Masterclass

There’s a lot of chatter around Aversity Gold Masterclass and there’s a good reason for it. This course was released recently by Sean Bagheri, a well-known affiliate marketing YouTuber and on its first week, the course sold over 3,500 copies. To put that in perspective, that’s over $1,000,000 in sales at its current price.

So what’s the story here? Is this course really worth it or it’s just all hype? In this article, I’ll share my own experience as an Aversity Member and tell you what happened when I joined Aversity Gold Masterclass.

Aversity Gold Masterclass

The first thing I noticed after Sean’s great presentation on Gold Masterclass’s sales page was the price tag. It’s not the cheapest affiliate marketing course you’ll ever buy but I didn’t mind it. Based on my experience with internet marketing courses, any affiliate marketing course below $100 is usually BS.

So I filled out my information inside the purchase page and here I was, in Aversity’s Dashboard. I think it’s important to point out that Sean’s company, the Aversity isn’t just about a single course or program. It’s a complete online business system (I’ll talk about this more) and designed to give you everything you need to start your affiliate marketing business, which I think is pretty neat.

What’s Inside Aversity Gold Masterclass?

The first thing you’ll see after logging into your Aversity account is the Gold Masterclass dashboard. It’s clean and simple, designed to help you get started as soon as possible. I’ve been a member of a dozen affiliate marketing courses and what I can tell from my first impression is this: Sean knows what he’s doing and he wants to make it easy. The dashboard is clean, elegant and professional.

Training videos are easy to consume and full of great information. In the introduction video, Sean recommends taking action and I strongly agree with it. You truly learn by doing.

The idea or strategy behind Aversity Gold Masterclass is this:

there isn’t one way to make money as an affiliate, you should choose your strategy based on your product. So Aversity will teach you all of these strategies in detail, step by step, click by click and will also teach you to pick the right one based on the product, then you’ll be able to sell any product as an affiliate.

It’s truly a powerful way and certainly, the right way to do affiliate marketing. I’ve worked with super affiliates in past and all of them do the same thing but none of them (until Aversity Gold Masterclass) does actually share this strategy. That’s why I think this training is incredibly valuable.

The next is the training itself. It’s incredibly detailed and I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Sean will do everything with you, step by step instead of just telling you what to do. No one is making training programs like Sean at this moment and I think this is one of the reasons this program is just so powerful. Here’s an example of a video where Sean is doing everything step-by-step with the audience:

You Will You Get 3 Amazing Bonus Courses When You Join

To keep your head in the game, you will get 3 bonus courses when you join Aversity. Usually, you won’t get them instantly (unless you ask for it) but Sean will email you every 3 days to give your bonus course. These 3 bonus courses are Sean’s YouTube Ads Training course, The 7 Touch Funnel Strategy course, and Home Business Bootcamp program. In total, these courses worth over $500 but Sean will give them to you for free when you join Aversity.

Before I share more details, watch a video from a recent Aversity member who made money with the program:

Do you want to join Aversity? Click here to get started

Let’s Talk About The System (My Favorite)

As I mentioned before, Aversity Gold Masterclass isn’t just a top-notch affiliate marketing training program, it’s also a full affiliate marketing system. This program brings high ticket commissions to your business where you can make up to $2,000 per sale promoting affiliate products without selling them. That’s right, you don’t need to sell anything!

All you do is to sell front cheap products and Sean’s sales team will convert them to high ticket sales and pay you big commissions! I have to say that it’s an amazing feeling to make big commissions. It makes my day when I see that I’ve made $1,000 from a single sale…

And for some reason, if you’re still thinking that all of these features aren’t enough to convince you to join the program, I got something even better that will blow your mind.

1-on-1 Coaching for All Members

At this moment, Aversity is the only online business training company in the world that will provide you with a dedicated coach. You will have a coach teaching you the business step by step, telling you what to do, how to do it and will help you get answers. This way you finish everything faster and easier. Aversity is known for this feature.

When you join, a coach will be automatically assigned to you and as you implement Aversity Gold Masterclass strategies. He or she will be with you as you build your business and answers your questions and help you fix issues.

My Final Verdict

I believe that there is no other marketing course, person, or company in the world that does it like Aversity. The system, the top of the line training, 1-on-1 coaching, and their affiliate marketing forum is everything you need to build a successful online business, I give it a YES! If you want to join Aversity today, you can click here to get started.

One thing that I believe you should know is the fact that this isn’t a one-button money-making system, Aversity is a legit business strategy with a proven system. You will need to put the time and work to make it happen for yourself. The coaching, the top of the line training and tools are all there to help you make it happen, just invest some time and effort to build your own business using Aversity.

Here’s a list of modules and videos in Aversity Gold Masterclass:

Module 1: Gold Masterclass Strategy Introduction
Video #1: Module 1 Introduction
Video #2: Affiliate Programs
Video #3: Finding a Good Product to Promote
Video #4: Important Tools
Video #5: The Strategy
Video #6: An Example

Module 2: The Free Report Funnel
Video #1: Module 2 Introduction
Video #2: Email Followup Blueprint
Video #3: Introduction to Aweber
Video #4: Ways to Create Your Free Report
Video #5: Setting up Your Free Report Download on Aweber

Module 3: Your Presell Content
Video #1: Module 3 Intro
Video #2: Presell Content Requirements
Video #3: Your Presell Content Research
Video #4: Bucket Brigades
Video #5: The Quick Scroll Problem And Solution
Video #6: Presell Content Template
Video #7: My Final Presell Content

Module 4: Creating Your Website
Video #1: Module 4 Introduction
Video #2: Choosing a Domain
Video #3: Your Hosting Service
Video #4: Pointing Your Domain To Your Hosting Account
Video #5: Setting Up WordPress
Video #6: Quick WordPress Introduction
Video #7: Installing Required Plugins On Your Website
Video #8: Importing Your Leadpages Template
Video #9: Designing A Simple Logo
Video #10: LIVE: Building My Website
Video #11: Finishing Your Free Report Funnel
Video #12: How to A/B Test on Your Website

Module 5: Free Traffic
Video #1: Module 5 Introduction
Video #2: Using Google Trends To Get Traffic
Video #3: Using Q&A Websites to Get Traffic
Video #4: Getting Free Traffic From YouTube
Video #5: Getting Free Traffic From Forums
Video #6: Facebook And Google Communities
Video #7: YouTube Comments

Module 6: Paid Traffic
Video #1: Module 6 Introduction
Video #2: Full Guide to Solo Ads
Video #3: YouTube Ads Full Course
Video #4: Facebook Ads Full Course
Video #5: Bing Advertising Full Course

Module 7: Introduction to Gold Elite Training
Video #1: Module 7 Introduction
Video #2: The Elite Strategy

Module 8: Your Video Presell Funnel
Video #1: Module 8 Introduction
Video #2: The Video Presell Strategy Blueprint
Video #3: The Presell Video Script Template
Video #4: How to Create Engaging Presell Videos
Video #5: My Presell Script & Order
Video #6: Creating My Video Using Doodly
Video #7: Creating My Presell Funnel LIVE In Front Of You

Module 9: Campaign Conversion Optimization
Video #1: Module 9 Introduction
Video #2: Using 404 Pages to Your Advantage
Video #3: Optimizing Your Website’s Speed
Video #4: Using Testimonials and Popups
Video #5: Using Hotjar to Track User Behavior

Module 10: Taking Your YouTube Campaign to The Next Level
Video #1: Module 10 Introduction
Video #2: Introduction to PLRs
Video #3: Optimizing Your YouTube Channel
Video #4: Optimizing Your YouTube Videos
Video #5: Optimizing Your YouTube Videos Using VidIQ Plugin

Module 11: The Launch Style Promotion Strategy
Video #1: Module 11 Introduction
Video #2: The Funnel Strategy
Video #3: Your Videos
Video #4: Live Build

Module 12: Course Updates

Module 13: Bi-weekly Webinars and Strategy Sessions

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