How to increase your website’s ranking without changing anything

How to increase your website's ranking without changing anythingSEO can get very complicated and also damage your website or business if it’s done wrong. For most of new bloggers, SEO is a very complicated subject and I always personally recommend to not focus on SEO if you’re new to blogging.

But even if you’re new to the whole blogging thing, doesn’t mean you can’t get some of the basics of SEO done on your blog. Here are some things that you can do in less than 10 minutes and increase your website or blog’s ranking quickly.

#1: Add “no index” metadata to archives and tags (WordPress)

Your Archives and Tags page are the source of duplicate content, meaning there is a version of your post in your home page and also there is a copy of it in your Archives or tags page. By adding a “noindex” meta to these pages, you tell google to not index these pages so you won’t be having any duplicate content on your site.

In order to do this, you need to install a SEO plugin, like Yoast or All in one SEO. Here is how you do it using Yoast SEO plugin:

Simply click on “SEO” menu and then go to “Titles & Meta tags” and do as I showed in the video above.

#2: Increase your website speed by utilizing browser cache

Fast is always better, specially when it comes to SEO and Google rankings. You can easily leverage browser cache by installing a simple plugin on your blog. For beginners, I suggest WP Super Cache because it’s not complicated and you can easily put it into work.

But after blogging for a while and understanding how a WordPress blog works, you need to use a more advanced cache plugin. W3 Total Cache is an advanced caching plugin for WordPress which gives you more options based on your blog. Try it and play with it for a while to see what works and what doesn’t work with your blog theme and style (caching plugins sometimes mess up your blog style).

Compare these plugins and their effect on your load speed using GTmetrix to find out which one suits you better.


#3: Optimize your links and images

I’ve talked about image optimization before but not much about links. It’s very simple with links. First of all, you need to install TinyMCE Advanced plugin on your blog. This plugin will give you more options in editing like different font sizes but the feature I love is it’s link editing options.

Using TinyMCE Advanced you can nofollow a link or add titles to it. Pay attention because this is very important. Adding a “Title” to your link is like adding an alt tag to your image. Link “Title” is not your link anchor text, but it’s a hidden text inside a link which will be visible when you hover on it. (example)

Make sure to add a link title to every internal link you insert in your post. This way you provide more value and more content which is better for SEO.

Image optimization

First thing in optimizing an image is to rename it to the keyword you’re trying to rank for. If you’re trying to rank for “how to lose weight fast”, you should rename your image to “how-to-lose-weight-fast.jpg

If your image is too large, you need to re-size it before uploading it on your blog. You can easily find a software online for re-sizing your images. Also remember to decrease your image quality a little bit (10% should be ok) to get the most out of your re-sizing efforts.

Then right click on your image and from properties tab, add keywords, titles, stars and comments to your image with your keywords included.

The last step is to upload your image to your blog and add an alt tag to it. You can do this easily in WordPress:

How to increase your website's ranking without changing anything

#4: Transfer your website to a VPS

A Virtual private server is a type of web hosting service where there is less hosting accounts on the server, usually 2 to 4 accounts (Shared hosting services have up to 100 accounts per server!). This means the server will be faster and there is less chance of being blocked by spam directories. Although spam directories are not the issue, having your website on a VPS server can effect your rankings in less than 3 days (from personal experience)

Your website on a VPS server will be FASTER and more reliable, also Google bots will crawl your website faster and easier. Also you won’t have any other websites on your IP which is going to give you a huge advantage on Google.

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Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter promo code TOPLEVELAFF when you’re purchasing your VPS server to get $20 off plus a free domain!


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